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History and Application

John Green of Research For Today Ltd, the inventor of the SIMALTO data collection approach is still a key member of the team behind SIMALTO.

He presented SIMALTO to the 1977 ESOMAR conference in Oslo.

Once the data collection was in the public domain it was quickly taken up around the world to provide accurate ‘summary statistics’ about customers’ priorities.

SIMALTO Modelling (SM) , available only from RFT Ltd., was the big step forward. It changed SIMALTO from being a great data collection method into a service providing unique preference and forecasting simulations – a decision making tool.

SIMALTO applications are extensive and clients generally use SIMALTO either to optimise their services (customer satisfaction) or to develop new products / realign existing product ranges.
New software developments have enabled brand equity to be part of SIMALTO’s brand measurement and forecasting service.

SIMALTO Modelling is recognised to be superior to rival trade-off approaches.

"SIMALTO collects great data, but it is the modelling that enables us to use it effectively" (quote from a local authority SIMALTO Modelling user discussing its benefits)




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